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Thursday31 July 2014

Why Do You Do This?

pancakesThis last year has been a busy one for me. My business exploded, and suddenly BOOM, I had many more clients and a lot more work to be done. We moved into a new house (and have been frantically working to feel settled, and get our 4 kids settled in our new digs.) And, at the same time, I’ve had a host of health problems this year that have left me playing guessing games with my health providers and my body.

The stress and overwhelm caused me to turn to everything I know is bad for me. More coffee. Less sleep. And, less time on things that make me feel happy, healthy, and whole.

But, when life gets in the way of me reaching and/or maintaining my goals, I have to come back this very simple question: why do I do this?

Why do I get up at 5:30AM to head to a Body Revolution class? Why do I push myself to run faster and farther on each morning run? Why am I blending up veggies and coconut milk with my favorite Greenberry Shakeology smoothie each morning instead of my favorite morning treat: hotcakes?

5 Things To Do Less

stress lessGet More Out of Your Weight Loss Goals

  1. Eat less. I know, it seems so simple. But, some people are under the impression that if a food is healthy, you can eat endless amounts of it. Actually, portion control matters even when you’re eating healthy foods. Cut back your portions, and you cut back your calories.
  2. Buy less. That’s right, if you only have healthy food in your fridge, you will only eat healthy food. Don’t load up on junk foods thinking you’ll have self control. Don’t have it in your home, because when temptation hits, you won’t even have it around to consider binging on.
  3. Drive less. Walk when you can. Rollerblade, ride a bike, even take public transportation. All of these options keep you more active than driving alone will. Often, when you factor in the time it takes to find parking, most of the local activities you enjoy would be better if you walked or rode to them anyway.

Seattle Kids Summer Camps

youth athletic summer campAh, summer! A time when kids are free to roam the streets, playing with their friends, enjoying the great outdoors and getting plenty of exercise. Or… sit on the couch in the dark with a video game controller asking if it’s time for lunch yet.

If you’d like your youngster’s summer to be more of the former than the latter, you’ll want something more appealing than “go play outside” to get them off the couch. Here are 4 local options to suit the needs of the tweens and teens under your roof to quiet that old familiar song: “I’m bored.”

  1. Seattle YMCA offers an Outdoor Day Camp focused on adventures in nature: hiking, swimming, exploration, and even some education about nature disguised as fun.
  2. First Step Athletic in Ballard is the summer camp for kids one a mission to hone or develop their athletic ability. If the school year is full of practices and games, the summer can be used to learn proper form and exercise to develop agility, speed, strength and prevent injury.

You've Got the Funk

baking soda for clean clothesThat glow that comes with an awesome Fitness Lab calorie torching work out, can also leave clothes smelling funkier than usual. And, when regular detergent won’t do the trick, and you've got the funk then try these remedies to get your workout clothes smelling so fresh and so clean every time. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil and/lavender oil are naturally anti-fungal. Add a few drops of oil to a cup of distilled water in a spray bottle and spray your workout shoes after each workout and your work-out clothes before they hit the dryer to remove odors and prevent the spread of pesky germs.

Baking Soda

If work out clothes and work out shoes have to linger in cool, dark places too long, mildew (and the foul odor it creates) can spread. To keep post workout clothes dry- keep a bag of baking soda in your hamper to absorb the moisture.

3 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Gym Membership

group fitness in seattle1. You’re Not Using It. It’s not motivating powering up a rusty old treadmill and plugging away for an hour while watching Biggest Loser. It’s time to up the frequency and intensity of your work outs. A big, warehouse gym is NOT the place to get the best results.

2. You’re Anonymous. No one notices when you’ve missed a week or two. And, no one notices when you’ve lost a few pounds and are headed in the right direction toward your goals. No one notices and no one cares. It’s time to go somewhere where people know you, support you, and can help motivate you in reaching your goals.

3. You’re Not Accountable. You have a general goal in mind, but no specific written down. You’d like to lose weight or get more fit, but you don’t have a game plan fully laid out. You need an expert to check in with along the way, and the gym is just not cutting it.

Instead, head on over to the Fitness Lab.

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