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Fight Mid-Afternoon Munchies

shakeology You know all to well how the mid-afternoon munchies can derail you. You're starving and it's tough to make a good decision about what to eat because cravings for the quick fix are taking over. Here are 4 ways to fight off the munchies!

  1. Eat a protein packed breakfast. I drink Shakeology every morning, because it’s packed with nourishing nutrients and it keeps me full until lunchtime. But, I find I have less cravings throughout the day when I make sure breakfast is chock full of slow-burning protein. My blood sugar is stable all day and I’m not experiencing the highs and lows a sugary stack of pancakes would surely bring come mid-afternoon.
  2. Eat 2 lunches. I know, I know, it seems strange but for me, the most effective strategy in fighting the mid-afternoon munchies is to eat two sit-down lunches. One of my favorite go-to recipes for my late afternoon lunch is this filling, nutrient-rich sweet potato cauliflower soup. It’s light, it’s low calorie, but it’s filling enough to keep you satiated until dinner. Plus, it feels decadent and indulgent, unlike constant all-afternoon snacking which rarely satisfies but adds more calories than you likely realize.

Are You Hydrated Enough?

pee chartDid you know that approximately half of your body weight is water? Or that over 90% of your blood volume is water? Hopefully, you are starting to get an idea of how important water is to your overall health and fitness and why being dehydrated can have a negative influence on your life.

Some of the main functions of water include temperature regulation, the protection and lubrication of joints and tissues, and it is essential for waste transport and removal. Water is lost during the day through your skin as sweat, it is exhaled with every breath, and it is excreted through the kidneys and digestive systems.

The way you add water to your body is via the food and beverages you ingest daily. It’s important to have some sort of fluid balance between how much water you add and lose each day.

So, how can you tell how hydrated you are? The easiest way is to check your urine color. Click here to see a great visual aid to help you determine your hydration status and it also provides some helpful cues on how much water you should be ingesting based on the temperature and how hard you are working.

The other common way to determine how hydrated you are requires the use of a scale. Measuring your body weight allows you to track changes in hydration over time. If you are on a general weight maintenance program any changes in body weight immediately after waking up will be due to fluid loss.

Why Sitting Can Kill You

If you are reading this sitting down - you'd better stand up right now! Sitting down could quite literally be kiling you. Yes, sitting down for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of death by as much as 40%. Medical Billing and Coding put together this graphic to illustrate how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours at a time each day pose serious health risks.

sitting is killing you

Via: Medical Billing and Coding {Click the image to see the infograpic}

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Why Sleep is Important

how much sleep do you needHow many hours of sleep do you get every night? How many hours of sleep do you think you should get every night? While the exact number can vary between individuals and can change with age, the CDC recommends that adults get between 7-8 hours a night. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night can have a large impact on both your cognitive and physical health.

While you are asleep your brain doesn’t just ‘turn off’, it’s actually hard at work. As your body is resting, your brain is making connections to help you learn and remember new information. If you are sleep deprived, you may feel more emotional, have a tougher time thinking critically, have issues with decision-making, and have a tougher time paying attention. All of these can have a negative impact on your daily life.

Eat Healthy on the Go

strawberriesIn our hectic day-to-day lives it can be a struggle to make healthy food choices when we are always on the go. I’ve looked up some general guidelines on how to decide what to eat for each meal (and snacks) and I also have a few suggestions for meal options when you are short on time or can’t make it home to cook.

Breakfast options

I’m sure you’ve already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it provides you with the fuel and energy to go about your daily routine. Yet, oftentimes, people skip this meal. They claim they don’t have time or that they aren’t hungry yet. A good breakfast should be a carbohydrate with some protein. Aim for 500 calories and try to get those nutrients from three different types of food.

  • Whole-grain toast with peanut butter and a glass of low-fat milk
  • Healthy cereal with milk and added fruit -Instant oatmeal
  • Eggs with fruit salad, or omelet with vegetables
  • Yogurt with added granola or fruit
  • Banana with peanut butter and a glass of low-fat milk
  • Dried fruit and nuts or trail mix

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